For two reasons, really. One, we use fresh, high quality ingredients to create delicious, made-to-order burgers. Because we use the highest quality ingredients and take zero shortcuts while preparing our products, there is a higher price for them. We obsess over every detail that goes into making one of our burgers, so we hope that you enjoy them.

 Two, we pay more than our competitors, invest heavily in training programs and make time for the “little things that matter,” like six and twelve month ‘raise reviews’ with 100% of our staff, special team outings, and referral bonuses when current team members recruit friends to join our team.

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We got in this business because we believed that there was a product and experience missing from the market. At Big Buns, we make everything to order because made-to-order food products taste the best. We also believe in taking the extra time needed to offer each guest a great ordering experience. For some that might be a simple smile, while for others it might be a personal recommendation for a delicious burger and beer pairing. We'd like to think we're offering something a lot of people enjoy — thus, the line.


Do you have gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options?

Our house bun is Brioche, but you may substitute it with a non-gluten bun or enjoy one of our burger bowls. Additionally, we cook our fries in a designated gluten-free fryer.

We offer a house-made veggie burger that is vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.

A complete list of our products organized by what you should avoid based on your respective food allergy can be found below.

DAIRY Brioche Bun, Buttermilk Herb Ranch, Cheese, Crack Sauce, Shakes, Hollaback Bowl Parmesan Caesar Dressing   GLUTEN Brioche Bun, Wheat Bun, Beer, The KBBQ, The Fricken' Good Fried Chicken, The Shirlington Hot, Oreo Cookie Shake   NUT Hollaback Bowl Almonds, KBBQ Burger BBQ Sauce & Kimchi Slaw, Nutella Shake, Peanut Butter Cup Shake  SEAFOOD + SHELLFISH Hollaback Bowl Parmesan Caesar Dressing, KBBQ Burger BBQ Sauce & Kimchi Slaw


WHat is your position on modifying YOUR DESIGNER burgers?

Our Designer Burgers are inspired, chef-designed products that take several weeks to develop. Every ingredient is carefully selected, sourced and prepared to serve a specific purpose when it comes to each burgers flavor profile. Since we can not guarantee that an ingredient from one burger will play nice with another burger, we ask our guests to refrain from modifications or additions. 

Additionally, our team has developed nearly one-hundred crave-worthy burgers over the past eleven years and we like to feature a dozen or so of them on our menu at any given moment in time. Our goal is to rotate our burgers each month so there is always something new and exciting to try. For this reason we ask our guests to refrain from substitutions because while we might have an ingredient in-house during your first visit we can't guarantee that it will be in-house on your next visit.



While our team sure does appreciate a good tip, we appreciate all of our guests the same with no tip at all — so tipping is totally optional at our restaurants. One-hundred percent of all tips earned at the main ordering counter, in the dining room, or on the patio are shared equally with each team member regardless of whether or not they work in the front or back of house.


Do you cater or accept large carryout orders?

We make everything to order and obsess over offering the the highest quality products every time you visit. Due to kitchen space and current volume, we don’t offer catering or accept large group orders for groups of six people or more.


Do you accept carryout orders over the phone?

We do not accept phone-in carryout orders. To ensure order accuracy and out of fairness to our guests visiting us in person at our restaurants, all carryout orders can be placed through our online ordering system.


Online and mobile ordering technology is changing the way we do business. During a busy shift we typically have the same number of customers ordering carryout and delivery online as we do ordering at our restaurants. Sometimes these online orders come in over time and some times they come in all at once. When they come in all it once it creates a bottleneck in our kitchen which negatively impacts our ability to make our products accurately and timely. By limiting the number of modifications and special requests online, we are able to reduce mistakes and/or extended wait times. We also request that our guests refrain from typing special order request memos when they place an online order. This is because English is a second language for many of our team members and typed special order request memos can be challenging to understand.



When our online ordering is taken offline, it means that we have reached capacity at the restaurant and our kitchen simply can’t handle any additional orders at that time. The moment our kitchen is able to serve more guests, online ordering will become available again.


Do you accept reservations?

DGB CO is a casual, first-come, first-served restaurant where guests order at a counter and their food is brought to them at an assigned table. For this reason, we do not accept reservations and generally don’t recommend our restaurant for large groups of seven people or more because we cannot guarantee that we will have available seating.


The Impossible Burger is a plant-based patty that cooks, smells and tastes like meat from cows (it even bleeds and sizzles when it cooks). It's made with wheat protein, potato protein, coconut oil and an ingredient called heme (an iron-containing compound that's abundant in animal muscle that mimics meat flavor).

WHere are my buns loyalty points?

Not all orders are eligible for Buns Loyalty Points. Here are a few examples of those scenarios.

Online orders do not qualify for Buns Loyalty Points at this time. We are hopeful that our POS system and loyalty program provider will add this feature in the near future.

Orders that are using a discount marketing promo code or Buns Loyalty Points redemption are ineligible for Buns Loyalty Points.

Order that don’t exceed ten dollars, not including tax and tip, are ineligible for Buns Loyalty Points.


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